Lana Kortchik grew up in two opposite corners of the Soviet Union – the snow-white Siberian town of Tomsk and the golden-domed Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. At the age of sixteen, she moved to Australia with her mother. Lana and her family live on the Central Coast of NSW, where it never snows and is always summer-warm.

Lana studied IT at university and, as a student, wrote tortured poetry in Russian that she hid from everybody. For over a decade after graduating, she wrote computer code and fixed bugs. When she returned to university to complete her history degree, her favourite lecturer encouraged her to write fiction. She hasn’t looked back, and never goes anywhere without her favourite pen, because you never know when the inspiration might strike.

Lana’s short stories appeared in many magazines and anthologies. She was the winner of the Historical Novel Society Autumn 2012 Short Fiction competition and the runner-up of the 2013 Defenestrationism Short Story Contest.┬áHer first short story was about a couple in love and trapped on the opposite sides during World War II. A few years later, this story became a novel and was published by Endeavour Press. In 2018, The Story of Us was acquired by HQ Digital, an imprint of Harper Collins.

Lana loves books, martial arts, the ocean, and Napoleonic history. She can often be found on the couch or in bed, wearing her best pyjamas, typing frantically on the laptop or scribbling something in her notebooks, while drinking camomile tea and eating chocolate. Her husband thinks she’s just being lazy.